Frenemies Forever EP

by Patrick The Pirate

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This is an EP for my friends, especially the ones close enough to me to understand that when I say, "I hate you" it really just means "I love you". Thanks for putting up with my opposite day mentality.


released May 21, 2016




Patrick The Pirate Boulder, Colorado

Patrick the Pirate plays a black guitar and screams until he loses his voice…. when he isn't playing music he spends time being a landlocked pirate.

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Track Name: I Hate My Friends
I hate my friends and I'll hate them 'til the end
They are the worst, they are the worst kind of people
And I always remind them that they should fuck off
Good thing they remind me too
Dear friends, Where the fuck would I be without you?
I can't wait to see you just to tell you I hate you one more time
and you can tell me my music sucks and that you hope I break a string tonight and fuck up so badly I cannot pull through
Dear friends, Where the fuck would I be without you?
I really hate all of my friends
Good thing they hate me just as much
I hope terrible things happen to them
I hope they break their strings and such
I really hate all of you, it's true
Dear friends, where the fuck would I be without you?
Track Name: You've Got a Frenemy
You've got a frenemy
You've got a frenemy
When the road looks tough on up ahead
And you're miles and miles from your nice warm bed
You just remember what I fucking said, yeah
You've got a frenemy

You've got a frenemy
You've got a frenemy
You got troubles and I got 'em too
But there isn't anything I'd do for you
We won't stick together we won't see it through, yeah,
You've got a frenemy
Track Name: I'm Sleeping on Your Floor
I'm too drunk to drive home now, can I sleep on your floor?
I've got some weed in my backpack and we can drink some more
I know you'll be leaving in just a couple weeks
So let us stay up all night we don't need any sleep
And we can talk for hours and we can play some games
Reflect upon the last couples years and what good friends we became
I'm really gonna miss you and I wish that I could go
It will happen someday whenever those new winds blow
But right now I'm stuck in Boulder trying to get my shit together
And then I'm gonna hit the road maybe by next December
But that's too far away and I don't need to think about that now
Can I sleep on your floor tonight because I'm doing it anyhow